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Name Affiliation Official Title Research Field Research Keywords
SEKI, Naoko Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences(School of Culture, Media and Society) Professor    
HASEMI, Yuji Faculty of Science and Engineering(School of Creative Science and Engineering) Professor Architectural environment/Equipment Safety Engineering
SEKIGUCHI, Tetsushi Research Council (Research Organization)/Affiliated organization(Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation) Senior Researcher(Professor) Nano/Microsystems, Measurement engineering micro fluidics, energy harvesting, medical electronics, chemical sensor
OGIHARA, Atsushi Faculty of Human Sciences(School of Human Sciences) Professor Hygiene and public health, Social welfare and social work studies Public health
SHIMADA, Hironori Faculty of Human Sciences(School of Human Sciences) Professor Clinical psychology, Hygiene and public health, Educational psychology Clinical Psychology, Applied Health Sciences, Educational Psychology, Public Health and Health Science, Social Psychology
YAMANA, Hayato Faculty of Science and Engineering(School of Fundamental Science and Engineering) Professor Multimedia database, Computer system, Life/Health/Medical informatics, Software, Intelligent informatics Big Data, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Web Mining, Pen-based Computing
SUZUKI, Shinichi Faculty of Human Sciences(School of Human Sciences) Professor Clinical psychology Clinical Psychology, Cogntive behavior therapy, Clinical stress sciences, Behavor medicine, Medical psychology
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