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Assistant Professor(without tenure)


(School of Human Sciences)

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2-579-15, Mikajima, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama-ken, 359-1192, JAPAN
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Faculty of Human Sciences(Graduate School of Human Sciences)

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Educational background

1999/04 -2004/03 Waseda University
2004/04 -2004/09 University of Tokyo Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology
2004/09 -2006/11 University of Toronto Department of English
2006/09 -2008/11 University of Toronto Faculty of Information
2008/09 -2013/11 University of Toronto Faculty of Information


Ph.D. University of Toronto Library and information science/Humanistic social informatics

Master of Information Science (MISt) University of Toronto Library and information science/Humanistic social informatics

M.A. University of Toronto Literature in English


2015/04-2016/03Aoyama Gakuin UniversitySchool of Social InformaticsAssistant Professor
2016/04-2017/03Juntendo UniversitySchool of MedicineAssistant Professor
2017/04-Waseda UniversitySchool of Human SciencesAssistant Professor

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Japan Society of Library and Information Science

Japan Society of Library and Information Science


ALISE Travel Grant

2011/11Conferment Institution:Association for Library and Information Science Education

Ethel W. Auster Scholarship for Doctoral Research

2011/02Conferment Institution:Council of the Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto

Government of Canada Award

2005Conferment Institution:Foreign Affairs Canada

Others Basic Information


Research Assistant, Bridgepoint Collaboratory for Research and Innovation, Toronto


Founding CIHR Fellow, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Toronto

Research Field


EMI, CLIL, Information Needs, Information Seeking Behaviour, Content Analysis, Text Analysis, Nvivo

Cooperative Research Theme Desire

EMI (English Medium Instruction)

Institution:Cooperative research with other research organization of universities, etc.

Purpose:Collaboration research


Comparing Student Experiences of English-Medium Instruction in Two Japanese Universities

Sayaka Sugimoto

Language Education & Technology Peer Review Yes 57p.31 - 602020-



ISSN:Online ISSN : 2185-7814, Print ISSN : 2185-7792

Outline:A growing number of universities in Japan have adopted English-medium instruction (EMI) and started offering classes in English. However, EMI has been implemented at such an unprecedented speed that the research in this area has fallen behind the practice. While the literature includes several case studies on student experiences at a single institution, very few studies have attempted to compare those at different institutions or in different departments. This exploratory study aims to contribute to filling this knowledge gap by comparing the experiences of students who enrolled in an EMI course in human sciences with those who took an EMI course in medicine. Employing a quantitative survey, the present study examined human sciences students’ EMI experiences, focusing on motivation, expected outcomes, coping strategies, perceived difficulties, and learning support needs. Despite the disciplinary differences, the comparative analyses revealed considerable similarities in motivation, expected outcomes, perceived difficulties, and coping strategies. However, the findings also highlighted differences in learning support needs, such as in the degree of importance that students placed on specific types of assistance.

Students’ experience of EMI classes in medical school in Japan.

Sayaka Sugimoto

JALT Journal Peer Review Yes 2020-

Implementing Kahoot! to enhance student learning in an EMI environment

JALT PanSIG Journal Peer Review Yes p.324 - 3302020-



For successful implementation of EMI classes

University Current Review Invitation Yes 373p.92 - 972017/03-

Teaching specialized subjects in English: Challenges and opportunities

Aoyama Standard Journal 11p.317 - 3402016/01-

Internet and mental health: A synthesis of literature

Aoyama Journal of Social Informatics Peer Review Yes 7p.1 - 16-2016/04

Books And Publication

Designing Networks for Innovation and Improvisation

M. P. Zylka, H. Fuefres, A. Fronzetti Colladon, P. A. Gloor (Eds)(Sharing writing)

Springer International Publishing


Responsible Number of Pages:Depression as a Global Challenge and Online Communities as an Alternative Venue to Develop Patient-led Supportive Network (pp.173-180)

Winning Presentations

Akira Morita, Shinichi Harada, Kazuma Kitamura, Sayaka Sugimoto, Bill Benfield(Sharing writing)



TextbookTotal Number of Pages:120ISBN:9784791934249

Lecture And Oral

EMI Teachers: Required Competencies & Support Need

Sayaka Sugimoto

JALT2020 Annual International Conference(JALT)2020/11/23


International conferenceOral presentation(general)

Outline: An increasing number of universities in Japan have implemented English-medium instruction (EMI) to teach academic subjects. Despite their popularity and prevalence, few studies have investigated the competencies required to successfully teach EMI courses in universities. This knowledge gap poses challenges when designing and implementing effective training programs or support systems for EMI instructors. To contribute toward filling this knowledge gap, I conducted semi-structured interviews with university instructors to explore their experiences of teaching EMI courses. Specifically, I examined the difficulties faced by them, competencies they believe EMI instructors should have, and types of professional development and additional support they wished to receive to effectively run EMI courses. The findings suggest that EMI instructors should not only have English-related competencies but also wider pedagogical and communicative skills to manage diverse interactions with and between students. I found that the interviewed EMI instructors tended to manage various challenges on their own, which highlights the need for faculty development programs or other opportunities where instructors can share their experiences and know-how to reduce redundant efforts on the part of others. Moreover, the findings emphasize the need for further research to identify the similarities and diversities of the unmet needs of EMI instructors.

Comparing EMI Experiences of University Students with Different English Proficiency Levels

Sayaka Sugimoto

ICLHE East Asia Symposium2020/01/18


International conferenceOral presentation(general)Venue:Gakushuin University, Tokyo

Student Experiences of EMI in Two Universities

Sayaka Sugimoto

JALT2019 Annual Conference(JALT)2019/11/04


National conferenceOral presentation(general)Venue:WINC AICHI, Nagoya City, Aichi

What is the Minimum English Proficiency Required to Attend EMI Classes in University?

Sayaka Sugimoto

JACET 58th International Convention2019/08/28


National conferenceOral presentation(general)Venue:Nagoya Institute of Technology, Aichi

Integrating Kahoot into EMI Classroom to Enhance Student Motivation Concentration

Sayaka Sugimoto

FLEAT/LETVII International Conference2019/08/06


International conferenceOral presentation(general)Venue:Waseda University

Comparison of student experience and learning support needs in EMI classes in two universities

Sayaka Sugimoto

LET Kanto Chapter 142th Conference2019/06/18


National conferenceOral presentation(general)Venue:Tsukuba University

Implementing Kahoot to Improve EMI Classes

Sayaka Sugimoto

JALT PanSIG Conference2019/05/18


National conferenceOral presentation(general)Venue:Konan University, Kobe

Equitable teaching and learning through group work in flipped classrooms around the Pacific Rim

Wei Zuo、Alberto Corrias、Zahiruddin Fitri、Erin Hill、Jun Hiraga、Adrian Lee、Sean McMinn、Sayaka Sugimoto

15th Annual ISSOTL Conference2018/11/24


International conferenceSymposium workshop panel(public)Venue:University of Bergen

Support needs of university students in EMI/CLIL classes

43rd Annual International Conference(Japan Association for Language Teaching)2017/11/20


National conferenceOral presentation(general)

What happens when active learning is incorporated into EMI classes?

Japan Association for Language Education & Technology(57th Annual Conference)2017/08/07


National conferenceOral presentation(general)

How can teachers who are not good at English teach classes in English to students who are not good at English?

Invitation Yes2017/01/20


National conferencePublic discourse

Teaching academic subjects in English in universities in Japan: From a global perspective

55th International Convention(Japan Association for College English Teachers)2016/09/02


National conferenceOral presentation(general)

Depression as a global challenge and online communities as an alternative venue to develop patients-led supportive network

COINs (Collaborative Innovation Networks) Conference2016/06/11


International conferenceOral presentation(general)

A qualitative content analysis of support exchange in an online support group for people living with depression

Annual Congress(Medicine 2.0)2012/09/15


International conferencePoster presentation

A content analysis of an online support group for people living with depression: Preliminary results

Annual Conference(iConference)2012/02/08


International conferenceOral presentation(general)

Information needs of people living with depression expressed in posts exchanged in a depression online support group

Annual Conference(Association for Library and Information Science Education)2012/01/18


International conferencePoster presentation

Research Grants & Projects

Grant-in-aids for Scientific Research Adoption Situation

Research Classification:

Creation and evaluation of learning support system with automatic captioning and video recording for EMI class


Allocation Class:¥4160000

Research Classification:

Development of teaching methods and materials for continuous learning based on research concerning junior-high school students between 1945 and 1954


Allocation Class:¥4160000

Research Fund Acceptance Situation

Providers:The Japan Association for Language Education & Technology

Clarification of learning support needs of university students attending EMI classes2017/04-2018/03

On-campus Research System

Special Research Project



Research Results Outline:本研究では、英語による専門科目の授業(EMI)においてKahoot!(教員のPCと学生のスマホをインターネットで繋ぎリアルタイムでクイズを行うシステム本研究では、英語による専門科目の授業(EMI)においてKahoot!(教員のPCと学生のスマホをインターネットで繋ぎリアルタイムでクイズを行うシステム)というソフトウェアの導入が、学生の学習行動に与える影響についてケーススタディを行った。結果、Ka...本研究では、英語による専門科目の授業(EMI)においてKahoot!(教員のPCと学生のスマホをインターネットで繋ぎリアルタイムでクイズを行うシステム)というソフトウェアの導入が、学生の学習行動に与える影響についてケーススタディを行った。結果、Kahoot!の導入によりポジティブな学習行動の増加と学習効果に少しの改善が見受けられた。導入過程における注意深い観察と細かな調整を継続することによりKahoot!はEMIに伴う困難さのうち集中力やモチベーションに関する問題を緩和し学生の学びを向上させる可能性があることが示された。これらの成果について全国語学教育学会と外国語教育メディア学会の全国大会にて口頭発表を行い、JALT Pan SIG Journalにて論文発表を行った。



Research Results Outline:本研究の目的は、英語による専門科目の授業(EMI)を効果的に実施する上で必要とされる教員のコンピテンシーを明らかにし、それを具体的な能力・スキル・行動本研究の目的は、英語による専門科目の授業(EMI)を効果的に実施する上で必要とされる教員のコンピテンシーを明らかにし、それを具体的な能力・スキル・行動規範等に分類してリスト化することである。この目標を達成するために、本学でEMIの授業の担当経験のあ...本研究の目的は、英語による専門科目の授業(EMI)を効果的に実施する上で必要とされる教員のコンピテンシーを明らかにし、それを具体的な能力・スキル・行動規範等に分類してリスト化することである。この目標を達成するために、本学でEMIの授業の担当経験のある教員を対象に60分の半構造化インタビューを行った。研究者の出産・育児とコロナウイルスによる諸問題の影響を受け、2020年3月現在で目標の10名うち5名分のインタビューが完了している状態である。今後8月末までにデータ収集を継続し、11月までにデータ分析を完了、結果を11月末の全国語学養育学会(JALT)の全国大会にて口頭発表の予定である。



Research Results Outline:EMI受講生の学習支援ニーズの明確化を目的に質問紙・面接調査を実施し以下の知見を得た。①学生の過半数が科目に対する興味を動機として授業を履修するが、成EMI受講生の学習支援ニーズの明確化を目的に質問紙・面接調査を実施し以下の知見を得た。①学生の過半数が科目に対する興味を動機として授業を履修するが、成果として専門知識の増加だけでなく英語力の向上も望んでいる。EMIは定義上、専門知識の向上を目的とす...EMI受講生の学習支援ニーズの明確化を目的に質問紙・面接調査を実施し以下の知見を得た。①学生の過半数が科目に対する興味を動機として授業を履修するが、成果として専門知識の増加だけでなく英語力の向上も望んでいる。EMIは定義上、専門知識の向上を目的とする(英語力の向上ではない)授業形態であるが、定義と受講者が期待する成果にはギャップが存在する。②授業中の困難に対する対応策として「何もしない」「他の学生に相談する」が過半数を占めた。③学生が必要としている学習支援は言語に関するものから授業の運営方法に関わるものまで多岐にわたる。②と③を総合しEMI受講生の満たされていない学習支援ニーズの実情が明らかになった。

Lecture Course

Course TitleSchoolYearTerm
Current Topics I 13School of Human Sciences2020spring semester
Current Topics I 14School of Human Sciences2020spring semester
Current Topics II 13School of Human Sciences2020fall semester
Current Topics II 14School of Human Sciences2020fall semester
Academic Listening Intermediate 04School of Human Sciences2020spring semester
Academic Listening Intermediate 06School of Human Sciences2020fall semester
Academic Listening Advanced 01School of Human Sciences2020spring semester
Language and Culture in English-speaking CountriesSchool of Human Sciences2020spring semester
Reading for Academic Purposes Intermediate 07Graduate School of Human Sciences2020fall quarter
Writing for Academic Purposes Advanced 01Graduate School of Human Sciences2020fall quarter
Writing for Academic Purposes Advanced 02Graduate School of Human Sciences2020winter quarter

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