OTOSHI, Tetsuya

Tetsuya Ohtoshi

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(School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

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研究所員 2016-2018

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Japan Association for Middle Eastern Studies President

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Middle Eastern Social History ,Historical Anthropology

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Humanities / History / History of Asia and Africa

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Research Classification:

Studies on the diversities and multiplicities of Christian Societies in Medieval and Early Modern Times


Allocation Class:¥46410000

Research Classification:

Comprehensive and interdisciplinary research for the Shikoku Pilgrimage ; the research with the local documents and on a cross-national perspective


Allocation Class:¥17290000

Research Classification:

Reconstruction of African History in Relation to the Global History


Allocation Class:¥43680000

Research Classification:

A Socio-historical Study of the Arab Spring -Focusing Primarily on the Egyptian Revolution of January 25, 2011-


Allocation Class:¥5980000

Research Classification:

A Research on Socio-Economic Network in Mediterranean Islands andCritical Survey on Area Studies.

Allocation Class:¥49400000

Research Classification:

Shikoku-Henro and Pilgrimages of the World in their Historical and International Comparative Perspectives

Allocation Class:¥19890000

Research Classification:

Anthropological Research on the Formation Process of Historical Civilization of West Africa

Allocation Class:¥15250000

Research Classification:

Comparative religious study of mission and conversion : Modernity, Religion and Colonialism

Allocation Class:¥6000000

Research Classification:

Pilgrimage and Popular Religion in the Pan-Mediterranean World

Allocation Class:¥15700000

Research Classification:

A Historical Study on the Cairo Cemeteries of the City of the Dead Using A Database

Allocation Class:¥2700000

Research Classification:

Minority Groups' Network in the Mediterranean Coastal Cities.

Allocation Class:¥11800000

Lecture Course

Course TitleSchoolYearTerm
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies 1-1: Research SeminarGraduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences2019spring semester
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies 1-2: Research SeminarGraduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences2019fall semester