OKADA, Toshihiro

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(Waseda Law School)

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Faculty of Law(Graduate School of Law)

Faculty of Law(School of Law)

Educational background・Degree

Educational background

-1981 University of Tokyo Faculty of Laws
-1988 University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Law and Politics


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Study on unfair pricing

Current Research Theme Keywords:Anti-monopoly Law,unfair,pricing

Individual research allowance

Study on National Treatment in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Current Research Theme Keywords:the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade,Internal Measures,National Treatment

Individual research allowance

Study on dealership and Franchise Laws

Current Research Theme Keywords:Anti-monopoly Law,unfair,contract

Individual research allowance

Research Grants & Projects

Grant-in-aids for Scientific Research Adoption Situation

Research Classification:

regulatory reform and competition law /policy in the public utilities regulation

Allocation Class:¥3600000

Lecture Course

Course TitleSchoolYearTerm
Anti-Monopoly Law IISchool of Law2020fall semester
Special Topics in Anti-Monopoly LawSchool of Law2020spring semester
Seminar (Economic Law) A (S)School of Law2020spring semester
Seminar (Economic Law) A (F)School of Law2020fall semester
Economic Law: Lecture IGraduate School of Law2020spring semester
Introduction to Antimonopoly LawWaseda Law School2020fall semester
Antimonopoly Law IWaseda Law School2020spring semester
Antitrust Law IWaseda Law School2020spring quarter
Antitrust Law IIWaseda Law School2020summer quarter