OKADA, Toshihiro

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(Waseda Law School)

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Faculty of Law(Graduate School of Law)

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Educational background

-1981 University of Tokyo Faculty of Laws
-1988 University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Law and Politics


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Study on unfair pricing

Current Research Theme Keywords:Anti-monopoly Law,unfair,pricing

Individual research allowance

Study on National Treatment in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Current Research Theme Keywords:the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade,Internal Measures,National Treatment

Individual research allowance

Study on dealership and Franchise Laws

Current Research Theme Keywords:Anti-monopoly Law,unfair,contract

Individual research allowance

Research Grants & Projects

Grant-in-aids for Scientific Research Adoption Situation

Research Classification:

regulatory reform and competition law /policy in the public utilities regulation

Allocation Class:¥3600000

Lecture Course

Course TitleSchoolYearTerm
Seminar (Economic Law) A (S)School of Law2019spring semester
Seminar (Economic Law) A (F)School of Law2019fall semester
Economic Law: Lecture IGraduate School of Law2019spring semester
Introduction to Antimonopoly LawWaseda Law School2019fall semester
Antimonopoly Law IIWaseda Law School2019spring semester
Advanced Seminar: Economic LawWaseda Law School2019fall semester
Antitrust Law IWaseda Law School2019spring quarter